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MSAR Accredited / Certified Dog Trainers Program

Take the MSAR Accredited University / Collage Course to become:

  • Accredited Certified Dog Trainer
  • Accredited Service Dog Trainer
  • Accredited Working Dog Trainer
  • Accredited Certified Master Dog Trainer

Introducing the Accredited MSAR Certified Service Dog Trainer Program, now available to Canadian and International Students!

Exciting News Alert!

MSAR is thrilled to extend its Certified Service Dog Trainer Program to dog trainers, service dog trainers, working dog trainers, and individuals with a passion or background in canine care. This comprehensive program offers certification along with invaluable support to kickstart or enhance your own business ventures.

Registered with the Province of Manitoba as an esteemed educational training school, MSAR is dedicated to providing top-notch training opportunities.

Curious about the Certified Service Dog Trainer Program?

Designed for individuals aspiring to train service dogs for public service within their existing or future businesses, this program equips participants with the skills needed to cater to individuals with diverse disabilities. From PTSD and autism to mobility assistance, the program encompasses specialized training tailored to meet various needs. Additionally, it covers detection training essential for aiding individuals with medical conditions such as seizures, blood sugar imbalances, or blood pressure fluctuations.

K9: Hawkeye aka Ricki Bobbie

What's the format of the program?

Offered in a blended online and practicum format, the MSAR Accredited / Certified Dog Trainers Program provides a holistic learning experience. The initial six months focus on fundamental dog training principles through online modules. This is followed by a three-month practicum in Manitoba, where participants engage in specialized service dog training, gain hands-on experience with program dogs, and receive guidance on business setup and management. As an added bonus, participants receive essential documents, valued at over $100,000, including contracts and training standards crucial for establishing their own businesses. The final three months entail advanced online dog training classes, culminating in a well-rounded educational journey.

Where will participants stay during the Manitoba practicum?

Transportation to and from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is the participant's responsibility. However, the program fee covers room and board at our training facility for the duration of the three-month practicum, as well as all local travel expenses.

K9: Jessie aka Baby J

Who are the trainers, and what's the class size?

With a maximum class size of 6 students per session, participants benefit from personalized instruction by esteemed professional dog trainers hailing from Canada, Israel, South Africa, and the United States. These trainers boast diverse backgrounds in dog training, encompassing service, working, police, and military dog expertise. Additionally, supplementary training is provided by local veterinarians, business experts, and IT specialists, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

What subjects are covered in the program?

  • The curriculum spans a wide array of topics, including:


    • Basic and advanced obedience
    • Dog grooming and care
    • Canine behavior
    • Training tools and equipment
    • K9 First Aid
    • Business setup and management
    • Marketing strategies
    • Diversifying revenue streams in the dog business
    • Specialized service dog training for PTSD, autism, mobility, and detection
    • Website development and media/social media campaigns


In addition to practical training, participants gain access to essential documents required for operating a dog training and service dog training business. These documents, meticulously developed over years, include training manuals, client contracts, insurance guidelines, and promotional materials.


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