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MSAR Certified Service Dog Trainer Program

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Open to Canadian and International Students!

The MSAR Certified Service Dog Trainer Program

Is part of the MSAR Certified Master Dog Training Program offered by our International Education School

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Yes, you read that right!

MSAR is now opening their Certified Service Dog Trainer Program to dog trainers, service dog trainers, working dog trainers and people with a background or interest in dogs, who want certification as well as support to start or expand their own business.

MSAR Trade School

Wait. A Certified Service Dog Trainer Program? What is that?

The MSAR Certified Service Dog Trainer Program is for people who want to start or build on their education to train service dogs for the public as part of their current or future business.

Service dogs provide important help for people with many different disabilities. The program includes specialized training for PTSD, autism, and mobility service dogs.

It also includes detection training to help individuals with medical conditions that require alerts, for example, blood sugar or blood pressure.

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Is this program online or in-person?

Both - The MSAR Certified Service Dog Trainer Program is an online and practicum course model.

The first six months includes dog training basics, which are completed online. This is followed by a three-month practicum in Manitoba, where you will learn specialized service dog training, work with dogs in our program, learn business set up and management. The final three months are more specialized dog training classes that you complete online.

You will also receive our contracts and training standard to use in your own business. Documents that cost us over $100,000 to develop!

Where will I stay during the Manitoba practicum?

You pay for transportation to and from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Your fee for the MSAR Certified Service Dog Trainer Program includes room and board at our training facility during your three-month stay, plus all local travel.

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MSAR Service Dogs

Who are the trainers and how large will the classes be?

Class sizes will be no more than 10 students at a time. You will be taught by professional dog trainers from Canada, Israel, South Africa, and the United States. The trainers have a diverse background in dog training, ranging from service and working dogs to police and military dogs. Additional training will be provided by local veterinarians, a business profitability expert, and an IT specialist for your website and social media campaigns.

What are some of the things I will be learning in the program?

  • Basic and advanced obedience
  • Dog grooming and dog care
  • Dog behaviour
  • Dog training tools and gear
  • K9 First Aid
  • How to start a dog business and include service dogs
  • Business management and marketing
  • Tapping into the 20+ revenue streams in the dog business
  • How to train service dogs for PTSD, autism, mobility, detection, and the one-of-a-kind service dogs that MSAR is famous for
  • How to put together a website and media / social media campaign

In addition to the practical training you receive, you will also receive all of the documents you need to operate a dog training and service dog training business as well as how to use the documents. We developed these documents over many years at significant cost.  These documents include training manuals for each of the different types of service dogs, client contracts and paperwork, insurance, our MSAR Service Dog Standard and tests needed to ensure the service dogs meet our standard, as well as related promotional material.



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John Dugas (K9 Bailey)

MSAR Certified Trainer Student / Chairman Courageous Companions

This course was amazing!

The standards, tests, contracts and other related documents that were provided has helped me take my business to the next level. After five years of dog training I have not encountered anywhere that even comes close to this level of training for service dogs, particularly in the practicum phase.  As well, the ongoing support from MSAR on any business related matters has been outstanding and is the reason my business has grown so quickly. I highly recommend this program to those looking to break into the service dog industry.


MSAR Certified Trainer Student

"The course was amazing -   a great format between online and the practicum...to receive professional assistance for service dog training and business mentorship: helping to build social media and website development if required- thanks to MSAR, I am now the national tester for MSAR Service Dogs, Courageous Companions and the Canadian Association of Service Dog Trainers." The continued support and comaraderie is second to none.

MSAR Service Dogs


MSAR Certified Trainer Student

"I took the MSAR Certified Service Dog Training Course and it has brought legitimacy to my business - having a recognized Service Dog Standard, all the paperwork related which includes all the tests and manuals was the tipping point to make my business stand out.  Thank you for the support, aftercare and my new career."

MSAR Service Dogs


MSAR Certified Trainer Student

"The course was amazing - perfect format of on line and then a practicum to receive professional assistance for service dog training and business mentorship which included social media and my website development - Out standing MSAR and I fully recommend this course."

MSAR Service Dogs


MSAR Certified Trainer Student

"What a great course - having the manuals, tests and standards and then to provide training in business management, social media and marketing is essential.  Thank you MSAR - I am proud to be part of your trainers group."

Video success stories

< MSAR trains world class service dogs

MSAR trains world class service dogs

Here is one of our Elite Mobility Service Dogs trained in partnership with Israeli Dog School ...... MSAR forms partnerships around the world to bring all of us together to provide the best service dogs to the disability community.



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