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MSAR Announces Donation of 3 Service Dogs to Deserving Individuals

MSAR, the foremost authority in Service Dog Training and Canada's largest provider of Service Dogs, proudly announces its initiative to donate three Service Dogs to deserving individuals in need.

Recognizing the significant challenges faced by many in obtaining a service dog due to long waiting lists and prohibitive costs, MSAR is committed to providing essential support to those requiring the assistance of these specially trained animals. Living with disabilities is a daily reality for many, yet the financial burden of obtaining a Service Dog can often be overwhelming.

MSAR aims to alleviate this burden by offering Canadian citizens from all walks of life - including the general public, first responders, and veterans - the opportunity to receive:

  • A Free Service Dog Trained in PTSD
  • Training at our Facility for the Handover
  • Ongoing Support and Training for the Lifespan of the Dog
  • Coverage for Travel, Food, Accommodations, Initial Food, and Toys
  • Each Service Dog, along with handover and support training, has
    an estimated value of $30,000.

This comprehensive program, part of our Elijah Harper service dog initiative, is open to any Canadian citizen residing in Canada who:

• Has the means to provide care for a Service Dog once paired
• Has PTSD and can provide a doctor's note
• Is able to pass a home inspection to receive a dog
• Requires parental consent if under 18

Applications are now open and will be accepted from February 9th, 2024, to March 31st, 2024. Recipients of the Service Dogs will be notified by April 30th, 2024.

"MSAR recognizes the transformative impact that Service Dogs can have on the lives of individuals coping with PTSD and other disabilities," said George Leonard , Head Trainer at MSAR.

"Through our donation program, we aim to make these invaluable companionsaccessible to those who need them the most, irrespective of financial constraints."

For more information about the application process or to apply, please visit

Media Contact: George Leonard, MSAR Head Trainer 204-777-0553

About MSAR:

MSAR is a leading organization dedicated to providing highly trained Service Dogs to individuals with disabilities, including those with PTSD. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, MSAR aims to enhance the quality of life for its clients by providing them with
reliable and dedicated canine companions.

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