Jerry & Keanna

Jerry is a very special one of a kind dog that was found roaming around loose, he was unadoptable and no one wanted him. A shelter that we work with contacted our dog screener Chris (RCMP trainer / MSAR) and asked if we could use him. Chris remembered that we were looking for a different type of dog for the program – a little strange and needy for a very special study we were involved in – Jerry aced his work and study and when the opportunity came up to match him with the family – we took it and it worked, worked much better than expected.” – MSAR

Jerry is a 3-year-old Springer Spaniel who has been the lifesaver for one very special little girl. Jerry’s partner, Keanna, was having uncontrollable seizures that were affecting the lives of her and her family. If the seizures were not under control by age 5 – a risky surgery would be the option. However, after contact with MSAR, Jerry sprung into action and has transformed this little girls life and greatly assisted the family. Flash forward to the present day, Keanna and Jerry have been a working team for almost two years and before Jerry, her life was a completely different story.
Keanna was taking 6 pills a day and now over one-year pill-free, she no longer looks like a zombie and is a regular little trouble maker!  She now talks and interacts all the time, Keanna actually now helps her little sister which was never the case prior. She also can now do more than one task at a time and also no longer has the anger and fits because she can now communicate and if she does get upset – Jerry is quick to interrupt the behavior. This balance has given her a tremendous amount of confidence and she now does things on her own and for herself. Keanna use to have 25 – 40 seizures a month and has now been seizure free for 6 months and counting. Jerry is always there to alert the family of a seizure if there ever is the need and this gives a great sense of peace in the house and calm surrounding the care of Keanna. Prior to Jerry, Keanna needed 24/7 care, sleeping, napping, eating – care all the time. Now Jerry and Keanna sleep together and the family is all in their own beds and have their lives back, and Jerry is now the families third child and guardian of Keanna.

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