K9: Bennie Aka B-Man

K9: Bennie aka B-Man
Operations: Seizure Detection and PTSD
Breed: Australian Shepherd

Meet Bennie, also known as B-Man, the exceptional service dog in the Spotlight. Trained as an MSAR Elite Service Dog for PTSD and Seizure Detection, Bennie has become a superstar advocate for the use of service dogs in supporting veterans, first responders, and the general public dealing with PTSD. His remarkable journey has been featured on major national news outlets, and he even played a pivotal role in the W5 documentary "Canine Comrades," shedding light on the capabilities of PTSD service dogs and expanding the recognition of the tasks and duties they can perform to alleviate a person's disability.

Bennie's impact extends beyond the screen, as he is a well-known figure in Winnipeg, regularly meeting with his followers and supporters on Facebook, all of whom appreciate the work of MSAR and their unique service dogs. Bennie's story of dedication and effectiveness is best illustrated by an incident where his partner experienced a serious accident leading to seizures. Bennie, with unwavering commitment, diligently watched over his partner for weeks, anticipating changes in behavior that signaled an impending seizure up to 15-20 minutes in advance. His vigilance not only impressed medical professionals and MSAR members but also played a crucial role in preventing further harm to his owner. Bennie is undeniably a rock star, and everyone who meets him can't help but love this extraordinary service dog.