K9: Bennie Aka B-Man

K9: Bennie aka B-Man
Operations: Seizure Detection and PTSD
Breed: Australian Shepherd

Spotlight Service Dog - Bennie aka B-Man. This superstar service dog is an MSAR Elite Service Dog trained for PTSD and Seizure Detection. Bennie has been a huge advocate and demonstration dog for the promotion of PTSD service dogs for veterans, first responders and the general public. Bennie has been seen on all major national news organizations and even been a part of the W5 documentary "Canine Comrades" which was the break through to get recognition for the PTSD dog and the expansion of tasks and duties a dog can provide to mitigate a person's disability. Bennie is widely known in Winnipeg and gets to meet many of his Facebook followers and supporters of MSAR and our unique service dogs. MSAR We love Bennie.

Bennie is an amazing dog and here is a story to prove his love and workability- his partner was involved in a serious accident that started to cause seizures. Bennie worked diligently to protect his partner for weeks sitting and staring to look for a change in his partner for a precursor to a seizure and was detecting these 15-20 minutes in advance. The medical staff and MSAR membership were so impressed with his diligence and attention to his owner’s well being that saved further injury and damage to his partner. Bennie pure and simple is a rock start and all that meet Bennie - love Bennie.