K9: Force. Aka Mr. Poo
Operations: Police / Search and Rescue and Cadaver Recovery
Breed: German Shepherd

K9 Force was adopted from the RCMP breeding program and is an absolute machine of a work dog. Force has local and international experience in search and rescue and recovery and has even been involved in mass grave searches overseas.  Force is paired with George and K9 Jessie and serves the Manitoba First Nations for SAR and recovery.  Force is a regular on the winter / ice road and visitor to the northern communities.  Force has been involved in many high spot light recoveries and has over 100 searches to his credit with many recoveries and finds.  He is an extremely well balanced dog that is so loyal to his partner and team.  Force also has found several cats while on operations and refused to leave them there - so we took them home and adopted the kittens / cats.  Force has found 5 cats to date and is very protective of his little buddies.

The favourite thing for him to do is play with his cats, try to get you to take his toy or hanging out with the other dogs and absolutely loves his little buddy Bennie.

K9 Force is loved and respected in the northern communities and regularly visits schools to conduct presentations and demonstrations on how search dogs work and save lives.  All that have met the big lug - love him.