K9: Freddie
Operations: PTSD
Breed: Lab

MSAR spotlight …… remembers K9 Freddie as one of the first service dogs allowed on military bases with their handlers. MSAR promotion and advocacy brought forward the need for assistance to our veterans - MSAR was the first and is still the largest provider of service dogs to veterans and first responders in partnership with Courageous Companions. K9 Freddie was paired with Joe - a Canadian veteran.

Freddie was trained by MSAR trainer George Leonard for a friend of MSAR and Canadian Veteran Joe. Joe proudly served his country and was having issues with PTSD due to many deployments. In partnership with Courageous Companions Freddie was paired with Joe to assist and provide support through the transition to civilian life. Freddie helped the entire family and brought peace and balance to the home. Freddie was truly was a member of the family and loved so very much for his partnership with Joe.

Joe is a large advocate for helping the next veteran and was instrumental in bringing service dogs to the forefront for treatment for veterans struggling with PTSD.

We thank Joe for his service to our country and all veterans that sacrifice so much for us ... MSAR proudly supporting out veterans