K9: Gerri
Operations: Cadaver / Tracking / Search and Rescue
Breed: German Shepherd

K9 Gerri was adopted from the RCMP K9 program and is an amazing loyal and protective Police K9 paired with George and K9 Jessie.  Gerri is a machine and a work horse for tracking and recovery that has served the Manitoba First Nations well. She is a regular on the winter road / ice road patrols and visits to the northern communities to visit the youth and work in recovery and SAR operations.

Gerri is one of the most loyal and protective K9’s we have and adores her handler with out question. She has been involved in many high profile searches and recoveries.

The favourite thing for Gerri to do is be with her partner and track and train; as well as spending time with other K9 members on a large acreage.  Gerri is an amazing working dog and a formidable dog that not many bad guys have tried to challenge.