Make A Wish

K9 Kris

K9:  Kris
Operations: Autism
Breed: Golden Retreiver

K9 Kris a true K9 hero and here is his story:

Kris, the remarkable service dog, was paired with a young girl diagnosed with Autism and a heart condition, a collaboration facilitated by The Children's Wish Foundation Manitoba and Nunavut Chapter. Describing Kris's impact on the young girl and her family as significant is an understatement. From navigating surgeries to handling Autism-related challenges and ensuring the girl's safety, Kris emerged as a true superhero K9.

Kris played a pivotal role in enabling the family to experience various "firsts," including outings to a movie, Disneyland, hospital stays, and public spaces, free from the fear of the girl bolting or experiencing emotional outbursts. A unique service dog, Kris brought joy and freedom to a wonderful family, profoundly changing the young girl's life. Upon retirement, Kris found solace and enjoyment on a spacious acreage under the care of his original trainer, George Leonard.

In retirement, Kris embraced weekly visits to a seniors home, where he became a cherished guest, relishing pats and cuddles. While still engaged in service dog duties, Kris continued to visit seniors and sick children, contributing to the training of new service dogs. His affection for winter hats became a notable quirk, symbolizing the love he received from people.

The narrative is a testament to Kris's exceptional impact on a family, earning him the title of the "best dog in the world" in the daily song sung by his trainer. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Kris's legacy as a true hero extends beyond mere words.

Another heartwarming account shared by a member of the MSAR family details the life-changing partnership between their daughter, diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome, and Kris, the service dog trained by Certified Master Dog Trainer George Leonard. Despite early challenges, including open-heart surgery, the daughter defied expectations, evolving into an energetic and joyful individual.

Recognizing traits associated with autism in their daughter, the family sought the support of MSAR, an organization dedicated to training service dogs for individuals with diverse disabilities, including autism. The Children's Wish Foundation collaborated with MSAR to bring Kris into the daughter's life.

MSAR's tailored training approach, ongoing support, and careful selection of dog-human pairs proved instrumental. Kris not only helped the daughter navigate new and crowded places but also brought newfound independence to her life. The family experienced transformative moments, from successful outings to stores, the zoo, movie theaters, amusement parks, and even the symphony, all made possible with Kris by their side.

The story underscores MSAR's commitment to providing hope for a brighter future, emphasizing the immense potential for independence that Kris unlocked for the daughter. The family expresses deep gratitude for an organization that genuinely cares for both the people they serve and the dogs they train, ensuring a lasting support system.