K9 Stinky

K9: Stinky
Operations: PTSD
Breed: Rottweiler

Stinky, the Rottweiler who initiated the entire movement for PTSD Service Dogs and aid to veterans in Canada, earned a distinguished place in the Purina Animal Hall of Fame in 2011. Little known to many, the Winnipeg Foundation played a crucial role in making this recognition possible through their financial support for MSAR, ultimately saving numerous lives by facilitating the development of these service dogs.

Also many people do not know that the Winnipeg Foundation was the key factor in making this happen their financial support for MSAR to develop these types of service dogs have saved so many lives...

MSAR was and is at the forefront of PTSD Service Dogs for Veterans, First Responders and General Public

Also check out: MSARServicedogs on youtube for the documentary.

At the forefront of the initiative for PTSD Service Dogs for Veterans, First Responders, and the General Public, MSAR has been a pioneer in this field. Their Elite Psychiatric Service Dog Program, founded by George Leonard and inspired by a therapy dog named Maxx Power, focuses on providing constant emotional therapy to Canadian soldiers grappling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Stinky, originally named Nikki, is a ten-year-old Rottweiler with an extraordinary capacity for compassion, despite her unconventional moniker. Adopted as a puppy by George Leonard, Stinky earned her name following an encounter with two skunks. Today, she serves as an ice-breaker for the soldiers benefiting from MSAR's program.

In her senior role as the lead dog in the unique program, Stinky not only contributes to the training of newer service dogs but also plays a crucial role in the 'Loaner Dog' support service. When soldiers urgently require the assistance of an Elite psychiatric service dog and one is not yet available, MSAR steps in by loaning them a fully trained and experienced service dog.

Stinky's exceptional qualities of sociability and intelligence make her a constant source of emotional support for soldiers experiencing the debilitating effects of PTSD. Beyond her training responsibilities, Stinky has provided unconditional love and encouragement to numerous soldiers diagnosed with severe cases of PTSD and depression. Testimonials from these soldiers emphasize Stinky's life-changing impact, citing her ability to instill hope even in their darkest hours.

Stinky, a true hero in every sense, has rescued many Canadian soldiers from despair, offering them a renewed sense of purpose. According to these soldiers, Stinky's unconditional compassion, loyalty, and devotion have played a pivotal role in helping them rediscover the value of life, marking her as a beacon of hope in their journey toward recovery. To learn more about Stinky's remarkable story, you can watch the documentary on MSARServicedogs on YouTube.