K9 Tank

K9: Tank
Operations: Tourette Syndrome
Breed: Lab


K9 Tank and Hailey have been matched to start their new life together. K9 Tank is a Service Dog for Tourette’s to prevent oncoming seizures. Hailey has and is working hard to have Tank respond to her ticks which in turn lowers Hailey’s stress and then a seizure. The team has bonded nicely and since being paired Hailey has not had any seizures and Tank is picking up on the ticks to stop the seizures. Full credit to Hailey for her hard work and due diligence to learn how to manage Tank - with solid family support K9 Tank is making a huge difference in her life.

Tanks favourite thing to do is be with his person and doing anything they are doing - he is a very happy loving dog that has a solid temperament for the job.