K9: Tony

K9: Tony aka Mr. T
Operations: Cadavar / Body Recovery
Breed: Mixed

A true Superhero K9 Tony - The Most decorated Police K9 in MSAR History

The one and only Mr T aka Tony. The most successful SAR / Recovery Dog in MSAR history - a legend in the Aboriginal communities will so many recoveries that provided closures for many families.


Tony was rescued from a horrible living situation and wasn’t intended to a Police K9 / SAR but he soon demonstrated through his actions that he was a strong candidate for this field of work. The Aboriginal Communities are missing a tremendous amount of community members and this field is a much needed service - Tony fit that bill.  He put MSAR on the map for recoveries of community members which brought answers for families and peace knowing what happened to their loved ones. Tony was involved and conducted some of the highest profile searches which reached the 200 search level with locating community members in Thompson, Sagkeeng, Garden Hill and on and on. This amazing ability to locate and recover made him a legend in the communities and he was so very loved by the families and youth of the communities. To say Tony was adored and loved was an understatement when Tony passed we received thousands of contacts of condolences; the communities sent Elders to come with thanks and offering to MSAR for the passing of Tony.

Tony worked locally and internationally and loved his partner and his cats, he also liked watching the sun set and would do so daily, he was a very special dog that had been discarded but found a a way to show his true blessing from the creator.

Tony also worked in Northern communities on the winter / ice road, showing youth how search dogs operate and demonstrating how to properly interact with a dog which turned into a program we offered called “The no bite program”.  A program to educate youth and help end dog attacks in the communities.

Tony has received every award we have for service and even saved his partner’s life and participated in a water rescue that saved a community member's life. This dog has done it all and has left a huge impression on MSAR - he is deeply missed and thought of so very fondly - We miss you Tony.