Medical Alert Response

Studies have shown that a dog’s scent is 40 times greater than ours, with 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. This is believed to be a huge contributing factor to their abilities in detection of medical ailments such as seizures and diabetes, as well as dogs have also been proven to detect cancer and other diseases in humans. Medical alert and response dogs have saved countless lives in our program and programs like ours, which is why they are becoming increasingly higher in demand. Not all dogs can do medical alert but most can be trained to effectively respond in situations where the handler cannot. Such as, retrieving medications, finding a loved one, providing compression, and even administering CPR.

We have had extraordinary results in our medical response and alert dogs, please refer to the categories below for more information.

Seizure Alert & Response

Before getting a Seizure Detection / Alert Dog or a Seizure Response Dog we recommend that you investigate all the options before getting a dog. Once you get a dog you have to feed, care, play, maintain and monitor this dog – is this going to help or add stress to your life. We get many emails and messages regarding service dog functions and one of the most misunderstood is the seizure detection / alert and seizure response dogs. They are two very different types of dogs and can vary greatly in price, training, certification and aftercare. So we will keep in a simple easy format to read for all to understand as there are many technical explanations that can be added but few would understand and any good transfer of knowledge should be based on an easy to follow format, believe me get some trainers and dog behaviourists together and you would think that they are speaking a different language.

Diabetic Alert & Response

Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to alert diabetic owners in advance of low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar events before they become dangerous. That way their handlers can take steps to return their blood sugar to normal such as using glucose sweets or taking insulin. A Diabetic Alert Dog is specifically trained to react to the chemical change produced by blood sugar highs and lows. Diabetic Alert Dogs can provide emotional security and a sense of balance for individuals and for those who have loved ones with diabetes. They can help you lead a more confident and independent lifestyle.