MSAR Service Dog Project

MSAR trains Service dogs for the general public, veterans and first responders - these dogs are trained in all fields of service from PTSD, Mobility, Detection, Hearing Assistance, Guide and many one of a kind service dogs.  MSAR has over 192 trainers in 18 countries and over 9,000 service dogs placed with peoples with disabilities. MSAR was the first to advocate for PTSD service dogs for veterans and in partnership with the Winnipeg foundation built the PTSD service dog through hundreds of therapy and service dogs working with individuals and the public to provide the best quality dogs to help people get their lives back 

MSAR Elite Service Dogs - For the General Public and Courageous Companions

K9: Stinky

Operations: PTSD

Breed: Rottweiler

K9: Bennie aka B-Man

Operations: Seizure Detection and PTSD

Breed: Australian Shepherd

K9: Kris

Operations: Autism

Breed: Golden Retreiver

K9: Jerry Springer

Operations: Seizure Detection
Breed: Springer Spaniel