PRESS RELEASE - My K9 Lifeline

K9 Life Savers for Complex Medical Conditions

MSAR offers Elite Service Dogs tailored for individuals facing complex medical challenges that pose a threat to their lives and significantly impact their daily activities. These highly trained dogs, exclusive to MSAR, are provided in collaboration with My K9 Lifeline, a registered charity dedicated to enhancing lives.

In partnership with My K9 Lifeline, we introduce "critical to life" service dogs, distinct from regular service dogs. While vision impairment may not necessarily affect the quality of life, critical to life dogs are essential for safeguarding individuals dealing with intricate health issues.

The success of this initiative is exemplified by Elite Dog Team members Sinead and K9 Foreman, recent inductees into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame for Life Saving. Sinead, battling the rarity of Parkes Weber Syndrome, experiences chronic pain, spasticity, limited mobility, lymphedema, life-threatening bleeds, blood clots, and chronic wounds. K9 Foreman has proven instrumental in saving Sinead's life multiple times, detecting emergencies before medical tests could.

Beyond life-saving interventions, K9 Foreman empowers Sinead's independence by assisting with daily activities, offering protection, providing compression to treat lymphedema, detecting fluctuations in vital signs, and aiding in mobility tasks. The positive impact extends to the entire family, restoring independence through essential medical care.

Recognizing the pressing need for these specialized service dogs, a charity has been established to alleviate the financial burden, with estimated costs reaching $80,000 per dog. These dogs are trained for various tasks, including mobility assistance, guiding handlers in distress, detecting medical conditions, operating off- leash for emergencies, and offering PTSD and psychiatric support, including performing a home search when teams return. Additionally, the dogs are conditioned to wear goggles, hearing protection and boots.

Partnerships with generous contributors, such as Smack Foods and K9 Storm, enhance the project. My K9 Lifeline, Courageous Companions, and others collaborate to provide these life-saving dogs to veterans, first responders, and the public.

To support these initiatives through sponsorship, visit or call 204-777-0553 to explore donation/ sponsorship options.

George Leonard MSAR Head Trainer - Media Contact