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Board and Train

Service Dog Pricing


Our multi-purpose service dogs are expertly trained to assist with PTSD and detection tasks, ensuring they meet a variety of client needs. When you choose to pick up your service dog in Manitoba, the price conveniently includes accommodations, food, and local travel, providing a seamless experience. Additionally, hand over and comprehensive training with the client is included in the cost, ensuring a smooth transition. Please allow a delivery timeframe of 3-9 months, as this enables us to thoroughly prepare your service dog to meet your specific requirements.

  • Guardian PTSD / Anxiety - $10,000
  • Psychiatric Service Dogs (Ex. PTSD / Anxiety) - Starts at $22,000 and can go up depending on the amount of additional training required
  • Hearing Assistance Service Dogs - $20,000
  • Detection Service Dogs - Diabetes, Seizure Detection / Alert, Allergy, Heart rate or Blood detection etc. Prices Start at $25,000
  • Mobility Service Dogs - $30,000
  • Autism Service Dogs - $30,000
  • Fetal Alcohol Service Dogs - $30,000
  • Down Syndrome Service Dogs - $30,000
  • Guide Dogs - $50,000


Please note that MSAR offers payment plans for Service Dog purchases as follows:

  • 2 years (monthly or quarterly) - 0% charged
  • 3 years (monthly or quarterly) - 0% charged