The Creator noticed that humans were having a difficult time surviving on their own. So, the Creator gathered the spirit animals – like the beaver, the moose, the deer, the elk, and the buffalo – and told them, “Spirit animals, you need to go help the humans. Your meat will provide food, your bones will be tools, and your hides will be shelter.” The spirit animals agreed and went to help humans.

The Creator also had a special animal in mind to help the humans: the wolf. The Creator said to the wolf, “You are the most important of all the spirit animals. You will provide guidance to hunt, transportation, protection, and be the special animal to humans.” The wolf said, “No! I want nothing to do with humans.”

The Creator then made the dog and gave it to the humans. The dog lived a special life with humans, and the humans greatly benefited from the dog. The wolf noticed that the dog had regular meals, shelter, protection, and a good friend. And the wolf said to the Creator, “I think I have made a mistake and wish to help humans.”

The Creator said, “It is too late, and the humans now have my special gift to them: the dog.” And the Creator then said to the wolf, “At night, you will now cry and howl at the moon for your lost chance to be humans' best friend and my spirit link to all humankind.”

This is how dogs came to be - Aboriginal Cree Elder.