The gala event was a huge success

The gala event was a huge success ….. a great partnership between the Order of St George, Courageous Companions and MSAR. This amazing line up of service dog teams Barb and K9 Charlie – Barb was at Parliament during the shootings and Charlie is the first Service Dog working on Parliament Hill Jason and K9 Blaze – Ottawa Firefighter Jason was injured in the line of duty saving fellow fighter fighters Rob and K9 Ben – Paramedic Rob and is a PTSD support program coordinator Terry Green and K9 Reddi – Terry has over 25 years of disability advocacy Julie and K9 Chance – RCMP Julie was at the Mayerthorpe shooting – the worst RCMP shooting and loss of life in RCMP history Jon and Tula – Afghanistan Veteran and amazing military career with several overseas tours for the retired Major. John and K9 Bailey – John was a combat engineer who served overseas and also worked at the Swiss Air crash in NS MSAR is proud to say that we trained all these amazing dogs….. a huge shout out to our trainers for there expertise. MSAR supporting our veterans and first responders though amazing partnerships.#couraegouscompanions #msarservicedogs#servicedog #servicedogs #gala #ottawa #canada#winnipeg

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